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We have gathered for you a couple of interesting facts related with live casino. Find out if you knew any of them.

Only a couple of years ago players who are keen in the retro authentic visits in casino used to say that online casino cannot bring the same atmosphere and gameplay. But then the first live casino sections opened their virtual doors and gamblers from all over the world joined them to prove the opposite: it is as authentic as playing in a real physical casino room.

And despite of the fact that it has been several years since we have super modern live dealer sections in our most beloved gambling providers, including bookmakers, we actually don’t know absolutely everything about live casinos. See for instance, the following live casino facts. We bet you haven’t even suggested about them at all…

  1. Thanks to the contemporary OCR software products you can actually interact with the live dealers. The croupiers will know what you might want and need thanks to the optical character recognition. And don’t forget that you have a live chat window in the live casino section, too.
  2. Using this live chat is 100% possible if you want to connect not only the dealer at your table, but the company’s customer support team. The live chat is here for you to solve technical issues while the live casino chat is made to create a connection between the audience and the croupiers.
  3. Do you know why not all the online gambling houses have live casino sections? It’s not because they are not all friends with Evolution Gaming or Ezugi. It is because such a service costs a lot to the bookmakers and gambling operators. Some companies consider that their clients are not so interested in games with real dealers which is why they prefer not to make such a huge financial risk to invest in the service.
  4. Being a live dealer in an online casino is actually a big deal. According to the statistics one croupier gets nearly 30 K per year. This is the salary in EUR. In all cases, many of the best dealers in online live casinos are even with better salaries than their colleagues in the average physical landed casinos.
  5. Meanwhile, though, the live dealers are more qualified. Having experience in physical casinos it not enough for an operator to put a croupier on such a position. However, it’s a big plus. Those experienced dealers, though, will be additionally trained to execute their duties in an online environment. Some experts say it’s a whole school time during which the croupiers become even more experienced.

So what do you think? Do you still consider yourself as the biggest fan of online live casino games who knows everything about them? Well, you can see clearly that there’s always something new to learn about online gambling, right?

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