Terms Related To Online Sports Betting

Do you know a ‘bookie’ or ‘The Cage’? If you are new to these terms, online sports betting is not yet your cup of tea. Therefore, get yourself updated with the online sports gambling glossary before jumping into it.

Like every game, online sports betting and gambling have a set of terms that you must be familiar with to understand the gameplay. Here is a list of terms related to sports betting that you must know before you step into the world of gambling.

  • Bookie

Bookie is a sportsbook used to maintain the different bets offered and the bettors providing them.

  • Buck

When someone wagers a “buck” on a game, they are wagering $100. This is also known as a “dollar” bet in some areas.

  • ATS

If you are doing your homework before a game, be sure to look up a team’s “ATS” number. It refers to a team’s record against the spread, and it may be instrumental in separating a club’s overall record from their record as a betting squad.

  • Cover for the Backdoor

First and foremost, thank your lucky stars anytime you have the opportunity to witness one. A backdoor cover is when a team comes through at the final second and covers a game that appeared out of reach. It is a rare occasion, but it is also an uncommon play.

  • Sharp

This is only included since it is one of the most generally misunderstood terms in the world of sports betting. A sharp is a professional gambler regarded as a master of the game. A “shark” is an ocean-dwelling creature. When everyone understands the difference, the world will be a better place.

  • Bet a Parlay

Even the most inexperienced gamblers are likely to be familiar with this form of wager. But if that’s not the case, I’ll explain. Parley bet is a unique type of bet referred to as a collection of wagers, with each one of them being a must-win for the bettor to win the game overall.

  • Taking a Chance

You may already be familiar with this one. It is referred to as a wager that occurs on an event, which might take place within or outside the game.

  • Comps

This is one you’ll want to be aware of. Comps are little (or sometimes not so small) benefits that casinos pay to players as a way of saying “thank you” for their business. 

  • The Cage

If you think the cage is a casino jail, you are certainly wrong as The cage is a positive thing; it’s where you take your chips to exchange them for cash. It’s called the cage because it is usually surrounded by heavy metal bars to keep intruders from stealing the money.

Final Thoughts

Apart from the few terms mentioned above, many more terms are used in sports betting. Having a vivid idea about these words can help to enhance your gambling experience. Now that you are familiar with the terms give your luck a chance by betting on various sports at the most reliable online casino. G2GBET online casino offers you a wide choice of sports titles. So, what are you waiting for? Try out luck now!

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