Poker – a game of luck or a game of skills?

game of skills 13 Aug

Poker – a game of luck or a game of skills?

Check out why we are sure that 99poker online game requires thinking, but not luck. Find out how much the smart decisions affect your poker results.

We totally understand what all the beginners in the field of poker think – it’s not such a big deal to play this legendary card game. We have all seen it in the TV shows, we have all heard about it and the rules are not so hard at all. We will agree with the statement that poker is a popular and not such a complicated game. However, by all means, this is not a simple game at all. On the contrary, it takes a lot to become an experienced and rich 99poker online player.

The idea that practicing poker is not such a big deal comes from one myth about the game – this is a game of luck. Is it so, though? We are totally confident that it is not. Poker is definitely a game of skills. There’s no doubt that some luck is needed to win. If you are lucky enough to get a royal flush from the second hand of the game sessions you will win. Hence, this is not the idea of the poker game. The idea is to win with the cards you have rather than to have the cards to win.

Why is poker a game of skills, but not a game of luck?

Claiming something is always bound with some solid arguments. And we have our own reasons to believe and to be sure that poker is not a game of luck. It is totally one of the most serious games of skills, knowledge and practice. Here’s why:

  1. Your first decision, aka for your hand is the most important one for the next moves. It is the time when you should consider whether to fold or to play. When you decide to play, you don’t have a single option to do so, but three of them – check, call or raise (including hitting the all in button). In all cases, such a decision is smart only if it is considered, but not randomly made.
  2. Poker game changes round the whole session. Every single move of your competitors changes the situation at the table. Only the fast minds can survive till the last deal, including getting the pot. If you count on luck for this survival, believe us, you will fail on the second action you will take.
  3. Considering the odds is a must in poker. And when we deal with odds in any casino game, thinking is required. Even in slot games, where mostly you count on luck, there’s necessity to think about the odds and to make a move according to your considerations.
  4. Understanding your competitors is a significant part of the game. And analyzing a person is definitely a mind process. It is even a very serious process where you need to possess various knowledge and facts.
  5. The expectation is something you form through the entire game. According to these expectations you make your moves. But when a person makes a prediction, it is a must to think, compare, review and even suggests basing on different hypotheses.

Be smart, be proactive and be brave – that is the formula to win in a poker game!

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