The game of baccarat is fascinating, thanks to the unpredictability factor. Add a progressive jackpot, and you will find the game even more tricky and hence, highly entertaining.

The word “Progressive” sounds like music to everyone’s ears. There is a pure joy associated with the word jackpot and the way it lights up our hearts too. Whether it is a game of slots or baccarat, the presence of progressive jackpots means you have the challenge to chase the big payouts. There will be great risks, and that is fine with the veteran players of baccarat online

What Makes Progressive Baccarat a Big Hit

You will find popular game developers going for progressive titles like Playtech and others. It gives a lot of variety to the players to pick from. The betting range starts from very little, and what do you get as a progressive jackpot prize? Anything from $50000 to $100000 is the prize! To earn this payout or even inch anywhere closer to it, here are a few steps to follow. 

Learn the Odds You Have

The odds are high for you to win the progressive jackpot. If you believe in one in a million chance, this will be it. Here, you need to exercise caution and get the odds to work in your favor. Check for the bets you can make, as that will only make your game easier. 

Understand the Rules and Options

You will find games with standard 8 decks of cards only. As with other Baccarat games, Aces carry the value of 1, and the face cards carry zero. The number cards from 2 to 9 have their corresponding value. The rule remains like any other baccarat game as well.

You can expect the 5% commission on betting for Banker’s hand. It would pay 1:0.95, and the player’s hand pays 8:1. Here also, the gamers would advise you to stay away from the tie bet. 

Let us talk about the side bets and how to make it a tool to take you one step closer to the progressive jackpot prize pool. Remember that you may only use the side bet or the main bet to win. You can place the side bot in a slot usually on the top right side of the game screen, and this bet can be between $2 and $20. 

You may go for the Perfect Pairs side bets only or else go for the player’s pair on the same number. The odds that pay are 11:1 in this case. The Banker’s pair on the same number pays 11:1 as well. However, when you go for any pair bet with both hands to form one pair, you have an odd of 5:1. There are small and big hands with a greater chance to help you win.

The small hand can win if you get a total of 4 cards, and then it pays you 1.5:1. If you thought this was good, you haven’t seen the Big hand. It works when you get 5 to 6 cards, and the payout is 0.54:1. 

Make sure to try your luck and hands at the Progressive baccarat at least once in life. 

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